Monday, December 26, 2005

An unexpected Christmas

Luci and Fran in kitchen

A unique Christmas
We had a great Christmas Eve, Christmas Day was another story. In the very early hours of Christmas Sue got very ill. We don't know if it was stomach flu or some food allergy, but she was very very ill and spent the day in bed. She and her mom had planned to make dinner that day. Jeff and Nicole spent Christmas Day with Nicole's family. So, Fran, Sue's mom, with help from Steve's wife Luci and I, made the Christmas dinner. The younger Steve, Kenneth and Luci went to see a movie during the day so the house was quiet. Fran and I cooked. After everybody returned from the movie, we waited until after dinner to exchange gifts with the hope Sue would recover enough to join us. She did not. This morning Steve and Luci are headed back. We still managed to have a nice day, but it was not nearly as nice as it would have been with Susie.

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