Friday, December 23, 2005

Day before, day before Christmas

Redding intersection

Steve and Luci update
Steve, Luci and the little dogs are staying in Redding, It looks like it is raining there. Light rain is good because it will keep away the tule fog. Once they hit the road they should be here in about 5 hours.

Update from Carol
Hi Fam!
Whew! This has been a crazy week, as pre-Christmas weeks tend to be, and I am just now reading my e-mail backlog.

How are you all? What are you doing for Christmas? Will you get lots of presents? :) (Hopefully, not socks, can openers or ties you don't need.)

We're leaving for Leavenworth, WA on Saturday-- which is a small little German-style tourist town in the middle of the state. The town is high in altitude, and full of little shops and chalets. Sophie, Stan and I are going to meet Alex and Lindsay there, and we'll stay for a few days......playing Monopoly and drinking schnapps :)

Soooooo.... Merry Christmas from us!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a fantastic holiday!!!

The Saint

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