Sunday, December 04, 2005

Guy and Gal days

Trains at train club

Saturday I had a guy day
Saturday was an operating session at the model railroad club. It was a lot of fun and very relaxing. Big trains also go past the train depot in Agnews that houses the California Central Model Railroad Club. So I got to see both big and little trains. I photographed these little trains there Saturday. It was a great guy day.

Susie and Diane

Susie has a gal day Sunday
Years ago, on December 2nd Susan Graziano was born. In July 1994 she married me, making both her birthday and our anniversary new special holiddays. On Friday Susie and I went to a nice dinner and a movie. Sunday Susie had a nice day with her mom and our dear friend Diane Chauncy. They went to tea and had a tour of the Ainsley House where Sues mom, Fran gives tours. Despite a not so nice close encounter with a big train of their own, the gals had a good time.

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