Monday, December 19, 2005

Holiday Party Season

You go all year with one or two parties every month or two, then whammo, a party every day. Friday evening Susie and I went for a wine tasting at the wine club here in San Jose. They were pouring some excellent Oregon Pinots.

On Saturday Susie was not feeling well and our friends Peggy and George were having a get together. Pam Downs was going to go with Susie and I to the event anyway, so she ended up being my date. Peggy & George's party is always a lot of fun and a number of our cycling friends come. I missed Susie but it was fun going with Pam, she is a good conversationalist.

Valarie and Susie

On Sunday Susie was feeling better so we were able to go to Valarie and Ralph's party together. I kidded Susie about "two days, two parties, two dates." Valarie and Ralph are really sweet people, also in our bike club [Link.] They have two daughters who were also there, along with their new grand daughter who is also named Madison.

Also over the weekend I put together our bike club's newsletter [Link to newsletter.] The nice finish to the weekend was Sunday evening Kenneth came over and we made cookies together. That was really nice.

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