Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolution 2 - Make More Time For Friends.

Friending someone on Facebook, and occasionally liking their posts, is not in and of itself how you make and maintain a friendship. I am not saying technology is bad, it just can't take the place of being in the moment and having real human interaction. I know we cannot always be together, e-mail is nice but nothing says "you matter" as much as a letter sent through the mail, or a phone call or better yet a lunch together.

My second resolution is to make more time for friends, in the real world. More face time, less Facebook time.

Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 New Years Resolution #1

Resolution - No more supported bike rides without a riding buddy

I went on three supported cycling event rides in 2012. I only really had fun on one of them, and that one was a blast! My friend Elaine and I promised to stick together no matter what; and we did. We had great conversations and even got lost together; no problem!

On the other two I rode alone and that was much less fun. I don't mind riding alone, but if I am doing so I just as soon not have to worry about making it to rest stops before they close; or feel like I have to ride a set distance, no matter what and no matter the weather. I am a fair weather cyclist. If I am riding alone, with nobody to talk to, I would rather carry my own food, maybe a camera, and set my own agenda.