About the author

Steve Sloan is a native Californian, born in Oakland, CA in 1955. Steve grew up in Concord, CA graduating from Concord High in 1973. Steve's father was a railroad man and his mother was a machine operator. Both his parents were proud members of their unions, his mother was president of her union local.
Steve was married the first time in 1975. He has three children from his first marriage, Steve Jr., Jeff and Kenneth. Steve has always lived in northern California. For awhile he lived with his family in Sacramento, San Jose and Patterson. He and his family were living in Patterson in 1991 when his first wife, Candy, died in a fatal single car accident.
After a few years as a single parent Steve married Susan in San Jose, CA. Steve and his sons moved from Patterson to San Jose. Steve and Sue had no children of their own. She brought no children into their marriage and she inherited Steve's three. The sons have since all moved out over the years.
Steve and Sue now have six grandchildren. Steve and Sue continue to live in San Jose with their three cats.