Saturday, December 31, 2005

John Morgan turned 50

John Morgan

John Morgan turned fifty
Last night Susie and I went to John Morgan's 50th birthday celebration. It was a great party at Almaden Feed and Fuel [Link] put on by Rosa Swenson. Because of our tender stomachs neither Sue nor I could eat or drink there. But, we enjoyed the party, seeing John into elderhood and visiting with good friends. It is weird knowing someone who is younger than I am who turned 50.

We still have not finished with Christmas
Sue and I finally were well enough to exchange gifts between each other but we have not had the opportunity to exchange gifts with Sue's mom nor Kenneth with mom. Also, we have not yet gotten together with the Chauncys. So, we hope to finish Christmas on new years.

Family Movie
The family movie that we did over Christmas came out great. I want to convert it to DVD.

Whine and Dine Rides
We are now half way between the end of the 2005 whine and dine season and the start of the 2006 season. Whine and Dine Rides are only about 90 days away.

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