Wednesday, December 14, 2005

From an Email from Marie

Here is a map of where the accident occured [Link Here]

Marie Grimes Roby & Kirk Roby

Marie said, "On Thanksgiving Day my sister Martha and her boyfriend Don were killed in a tragic car accident.  They were driving to my mothers (in Sheridan north of Lincoln) for Thanksgiving dinner up hwy 65 when a Ford truck drifted into oncoming traffic, hit head on with a Ford Focus.  The Focus acted as a ramp for the truck and sent it airborne over the Focus and a Camry and landed on top of Don's Honda.  They were killed instantly."

"I actually drove past the wreckage, but could not recognize Don's car.  I've been pretty much a wreck ever since.  I guess you know what this feeling is like.  You've been there enough."

"Needless to say, I'm just not into the holiday spirit this year.  Christmas is next week and I have not bought one gift or put up any decorations.   I am still cleaning out Martha and Don's house, and putting things into storage.  Kirk has helped a lot and Don's sister Debbie, she is and old friend of mine."

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Mrs. Brian Johnson said...

This is so terrible. My heart goes out to Marie. Love, Lynn