Monday, December 26, 2005

Quiet day on Canna Lane

The day after Christmas and the house is very quiet
It is the day after Christmas and the house is very quiet and I am trying to keep it that way. Sue is still sick. Steve and Luci drove to Redding today via Santa Cruz, San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge and Vallejo. According to a text message they had a good scenic drive. I am tired and am doing laundry and keeping up the house while Sue sleeps. I had a run in with the neighbor when he started a fire in the back yard and smoke from it started filling up our house. "Do you have a fire in your back yard?" I asked over the fence. "Yes," he said, "I have a fire pit." "Well, the smoke stack from it is five feet from our roof and you are not supposed to be doing back yard burning," I said. "It's not back yard burning, it is a fire pit," he said. He said he would put it out. I moved Sue into another room. I remember my parents had one of those, but in those days it was called an incinerator, until they were banned.

Wine Posts
I am starting to post about the wines we drank over the holidays over on my opinion blog [Link.] More is coming there. Perhaps I will write some more there about fire pits and neighbors too.

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