Wednesday, July 20, 2005

We are in Washington

Mt St. Helens

Sue, her mother Fran Graziano and I are in Bellevue, Washington. We got up at 5:30 this morning. Diane Chauncy came to us an hour later and drove us to the airport. She and JC are such great friends. The flight up was good, the highlight of it was the view of Mount St. Helens with steam venting from its cone.

We went to Pike's Market in Seattle, a great place that I had never been to. Exploring the market was like exploring a maze! That was an adventure, but the real adventure was yet to come!

While we were in Seattle, Kenneth was leaving San Jose to drive to Seattle. Just outside of Elk Grove, CA his upper radiator hose broke. As I write this he is at a Honda Dealership in Elk Grove. His car will not be ready until tomorrow. He is spending tonight at Marie's in Sacramento (another great friend.) She and her husband Kirk Roby are going to pick him up and put him up for the night. I hope they have a good visit. Friends are everything!

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