Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Memories of the old swimming hole

The old swimming hole in the Feather River Canyon was one of the boy's favorite places when they were young. It was an abandoned boy scout camp, we were told, and it was called by some "Wally World." Jeff and Steve loved to catch crawdad's there. The road down there was not good and so when we'd drive our truck down there we were often alone. The place was known mostly only to locals. Some folks would go skinny dipping there.

It was also a great place to camp. At night the river would sing us to sleep and only the occasional train passing by on the hill above would waken us. In 1990, about six months before my first wife Candy died this was the last place we went together as a family.

The swimming hole
Since that time they built a wide and paved road down from the highway to the swimming hole. It is a state campground now. Now there are a lot of folks who swim there, but the skinny dippers are long gone. It is not the same, but it is still the same. It is still a great swimming hole.

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