Friday, July 01, 2005

Email from Luci

Dear friends and family,
Announcing the graduation and completion of Luci's year of Domestic Peace Corps Service. I will receive a Presidential Recognition and scholarship for $4725.00. I have further received, local scholarships and awards for my year of college. I was very fortunate to be awarded with a further $9,968.00.

My graduation date is 7-18-2005 and I am very happy to share with you my joy. Whew... I wasn't sure I'd make it as I did the high ropes course the first week and it only got harder from there. Sunburns while planting trees with the navy then onto freezing my ass off in an unheated garage to build Christmas bikes for homeless children.

By far my greatest work was with a family I have come to know and love; the Al-Maly's. Never before has there been a greater form of family unity presented to me. This man's care for his family responsibility for his aunt (who passed away) needing to be returned to Iraq for burial. I am so blessed to be called his friend. I treasure the many lessons I have learned from Mohammed this year. I cannot wait for you all to meet him at my wedding. He has respectfully agreed to attend. I cannot find enough words to thank him for the experiences that he helped me through. Nor can I thank him enough for the opportunity he gave me to advocate for his very spirited young sister. I am eternally grateful to his father for raising a man who truly is how men should be. Mr. Al-Maly has many reasons to be proud of this magnificent young man he has raised. Thank you both.

Thank you for any and all of your support.

Especially to Steve who has had to listen to constant liberal speech preparations (which he loves.) For him I am the most grateful. How I love this man. From the move in to the proposal and all the joy in between I cannot think of life without him. And there have been struggles, lets not elude to perfection on either of our parts, lol. We have shared moments when the kids let the toilet overflow and casually came out with 'I don't know mom something is up in the bathroom.' You know all the joys of parent- hood. He has been a real trooper- who would have thought he would rise to the occassion of Cazden saying 'daddy, can you wipe me?' He has yet to experience the projectile vomit instances that so often occur in the car but I am sure he will rise to that. He has overcome his indoor enthusiast attitude to rise to all the challenges of parenthood and marriage. he is a man for all seasons and I love him. Pleae pass this email on as the world needs to know these truly great examples of manhood exist. I was begining to wonder myself, lol.

Let's not forget those kids. Let's see Saxony has helped so much with lunch packing and shuttling. She is great. And Cazden well- A Priceless Memory. My first day of Service Corps I drove to work- suddenly 'mommy- mommy, I need to go potty.' We stop at the Am/Pm, but, it is fair season so they won't let you use the inside potty- there is a porta potty set up outside. It is roughly ninety degrees. We enter. His first porta potty experience. What a surprise? I am trying to geer him up. Okay honey, let's go- Well no sooner did I say that then he said, 'yuck, I am going to throw up.' I said, 'non-sense let's go potty.' Well, never again will I poo poo that comment. As he projectiled everywhere. I said okay. 'I have to go potty,' he still says. Okay. As I lift him high enough to pee, in the urinal. He pees all over my feet and shoes. Oh motherhood. Thanks for the christening into service. The rest of the year went pretty much that same way. I love ya babe.

Many thanks and much love to everyone,


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