Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New Family and Old Friends

Steve & Luci & Family

New Family: Steve Sloan and Family
Steve's recent marriage brought more than a new daughter-in-law into the family, it brought three new grandkids. Sam, Saxony and Casden are Luci's kids and they are great kids. It is wonderful to have them in the family and we look forward to getting to know them more.

Old Friend: Robert Scoble
Yesterday Sue and I went to Woodinville and went wine tasting. After that we got together with Robert, Maryam and Patrick Scoble. (Yes, this is the same Patrick Scoble who is the podcaster and who at age 11 was mentioned on the Dawn and Drew Show.) It was great seeing all of them and catching up with them. Sue had never met Maryam and we had some very pleasant conversations. Bob is a Microsoft Vista evangelist and is quite a celebrity now in the geek world. (Bob was also one of the most gifted students I ever saw at San Jose State.) We had conversations about stuff geek and stuff not geek. We had a great time and shared some good food and good Washington wines.

Old Friend: Lynn Benson Johnson
My family blog is way out here on the long tail. One of my best readers is our wonderful old friend Lynn. Lynnster is a gifted writer waiting for well deserved world recognition of her talent. She is also very pregnant and she and husband Brian are waiting for the blessed event. She sent me this Email recently and I hope she doesn't kill me for putting this in my blog:

Ahh, pregnancy. Well, you know it's a boy. I'm getting HUGE and the midwives say that he's healthy. Judging by the rate he's been kicking the shit out of me, I'm inclined to agree. :) Brian first felt him move on July fourth, which was funny because it was like his end-of-independence day.

D-day is November 5th. I can't help but feel that he's going to be a bit early, but that sort of thinking can be dangerous. My mom is coming out on Nov. 5th and staying with us for two weeks, which'll be good!

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Mrs. Brian Johnson said...

That's fine that you quoted me, don't worry! I read in a baby book recently that when baby is cranky, put him in water. Learned yesterday that the same goes for baby's mommy: woke up in a foul mood and went to the beach all day. Viola! Crankyness abated.

Love the pictures from Steve and Luci's wedding. What a lovely family. How old are the kids?