Friday, July 15, 2005

Feather River Memories

The Feather River Canyon is a place I have been going to for forty years. I went their with my dad as a youngster. We used to camp at Belden and walk up to the then Western Pacific (WP) tracks to watch the trains go by. I also went their with my high school friend Paul Bermeister and his father Bud. Bud had worked for the WP the railroad that ran through the canyon then. The Union Pacific (UP) later bought the WP. I will never forget the winter trip Paul, Bud and I made then.

When the boys were little we would go there and camp for a week. In the winter my first wife Candy and I would take the then small boys to the canyon for a winter trip. Susie and I have gone there and now I have gone their with a grand child. I made a lot of great trips with good friends over the years, photographed a lot of trains in the canyon and made a lot of wonderful memories.

Feather River Canyon Train

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Mrs. Brian Johnson said...

Your blog has been particularly sweet and poignant the past couple of weeks. Nice work! Love, Lynnster