Saturday, May 06, 2006

Susie, Suebee and More

Susie at Croy

Susie is back
She had a great trip to England. She arrived very, very late on Wednesday. She rested on Thursday and I took Friday off and we rested more. We went to Uvas Canyon Park and went for a hike. The waterfalls there were full of water. It was a great hike. We have had a really good weekend. Her photos from England and the wedding came out great. I am glad Susie is back.

Cameras and More, is no more
Craig Bissette and has been in the camera store business for a long time. He was associated with Discount Photo and several San Jose area camera stores. Along with Melanie, he has been in San Jose photo retail for decades. I have been doing business with them a long, long time. They have become friends. For me there has always been something special about going to their store. It has been a treat. When I look at their inventory I dream of how I can turn it into images. Conversations with them have been a source of inspiration. We shared a passion for photography. On Friday the store closed for good, the victim of the switch to digital. Melanie is pursuing a degree in international business and waitressing. Craig is going to go into the business on-line. It seems there is less call for camera stores these days. I guess that is what they call progress.

Racks on Suebee

Suebee has a set of racks!
Jeff and I put the bike racks on the Subaru. They look real cool up there. Jeff said, "it makes it look very athletic." Like a Subaru should!

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