Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Looking back at the holiday weekend

Jolyce's Party

Memorial Day Postscript
Yesterday, after we returned from the bike rally, we went to Jolyce's house where she had a party. It was a lot of fun with good friends, good wine, good music and even dancing. Here is what Jolyce said of the evening:

I couldn’t have asked for more support…we had great chefs, a photographer, dancers and a guitarist, what a talented group. Best of all it was fun just to get together with everyone. I do think an accordion player and the chicken dance would have rounded out the evening of entertainment perfectly but something tells me that I should save that thrill for my Wisconsin visits!

It was quite a weekend! As you can tell from the photos I posted from the cell phone we had a great time at the bike rally as well as the holiday party. Jeff and I rode 50 miles on Saturday.

We went on the Sunday limo ride and drove back and went to the party on Monday. Nicole, Jeff and Madison also went on a ride on Friday and went to a swimming hole on Sunday when we were on our limo ride. It was a great way to begin the summer season.

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