Monday, May 08, 2006

Super Sunday

Vi and Annie

Sunday train ride
Yesterday we went on a very pleasant train ride with Vic, Annie, John and Janet. It was a Pacific Locomotive Association "Wildflower" excursion and was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect and the hills were nice and green. Flowers were everywhere and there was even wine tasting on the train! This is a rail line my dad used to run on. I remember him telling me about Wildflower Specials the Southern Pacific used to run on these same rails. After the ride we went to a winery and did more wine tasting. We had a great time and look forward to getting together with them again.

Madison celebrates Sharks win

Sharks beat Edmonton, Party at Jeff and Nicole's
After we got back from the train ride, Susie had to get ready for returning to work after her vacation. So, I went to Jeff and Nicole's where we watched the first of the playoff games between San Jose and Edmonton. There was quite a crowd there and it was a lot of fun. Madison really got into it, celebrating every score and the ultimate victory.

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