Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rob Carlson Found Dead

Failure to post leads to sad discovery
As you may know from reading my blogs I am a train buff, otherwise known as a railfan. Years ago I started a rail news magazine called "Flimsies" then followed that up with an on-line E-zine called "Track Warrants." Those faded away and were replaced by a daily updated web site, that predated weblogs, called the Altamont Press Rail News Line [Link]. Rob Carlson was the person who ran Altamont Press's news site and he did a great job with the site. He almost never missed a day posting the news until April 27. That was his last post. I just saw this posted on the related Bulletin Board:

I am afraid that I have to break some bad news to you all . Because I was worried like everyone else about Rob not keeping the news up to date, I went over to his apartment. I got the managers to go into his apartment. He was there. However I am afraid that he was deceased. Can only say that I am kind of in shock right now. I first got to know Rob in about 1975. We did a lot of railfanning. Anyway. I am afraid that is the story. Maybe there will a report later on the cause of all this.

John Orr

I know John Orr and knew Rob. What a shock this is.

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