Sunday, May 21, 2006

Everything is subject to change

SP MT4 at Susuin

A day at work for my dad in 1952
As I said before my dad was a railroader, not a railfan. To him this was a typical day at work! When he took his then new Argus camera to work he was just testing his camera, not trying to capture history. The photos he madde were so typical of his world and would be amazing in ours. Things we take for granted now as being routine are really so fleeting. I wonder how much of what you see in this photo still exists?

Lately some university administrators are talking about offering students E-mail for life and possibly supporting E-mail for our graduates for fifty years into the future. They take it for granted that E-mail will still exist in fifty years. Do we want to make a commitment to support it that long? Imagine if the railroads had made a commitment to support the technology of fifty years ago "for life." Actually, that would of been kinda cool. Not very efficient though.

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