Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Susie and Suebee

Suebee near the railroad tracks

Yes the Subaru has a name. Calling it "the truck" didn't seem to fit, neither did calling it a station wagon. Although, I guess it is more like a wagon than a truck. It is a small SUV, I think. I dunno, I learned long ago you can go nuts trying to label everything.

Yesterday Jeff and I put the bike racks on it. So, it already looks different than this photo. Yakima racks are amazing. Last night Jeff and I added the bike racks to it. So now we can carry bikes on the roof. I enjoyed taking it off road. I have to give it a bath this evening.

Susie comes home tomorrow night. I talked to her today. She has had a great trip and is looking forward to coming home. I am looking forward to seeing her. Being without her is like a compass loosing its north.

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