Monday, May 15, 2006

Cindy Chavez for Mayor of San Jose

Cindy Chavez and I

Our duties as citizens
Today the help desk closed at 5pm and I rushed out of the office to the headquarters of the South Bay Labor Council [Link]. I believe one of our responsibilities as citizens is to participate in the democratic process. That is why many times over the years I have volunteered my time to precinct walk and phone bank for candidates I believe in. Candidate for mayor of San Jose Cindy Chavez [Link] is one of those candidates. I was especially thrilled when she came by the union hall to thank those of us who were there working for her. It was a thrill too to see so many of the people, like Ron Lind of the UFCW local 428, whom I have known for so many years, there. Plus, it was also exciting to see the new faces, young people who were working their hearts out for Cindy. It was really fun, and for a good cause too. Cindy is a great person who has helped university employees and really been there for working families in the San Jose area. I think Cindy will be a fine mayor and is worthy of every effort we can make to get her elected.


Bobby said...

Steve, you seem like a nice guy but Cindy would be the Worst Mayor Ever! If you took a look at Cindy’s voting record it is clear that she does not get it!

Ms. Chavez voted to build the new City Hall ($150 million over budget),
Did not take action to rent or sell the old City Hall (millions of $),
Voted in favor of eminent domain regarding the Tropicana ($8 million lawsuit judgement),
Voted to certify the E.I.R. for the Markovitz and Fox building ($3 million lawsuit judgement),
Voted to sue the county over the fairgrounds ($36 million lawsuit judgement),
Voted to build an $8 million tent at the convention center,
Voted to certify the E.I.R. to demolish I.B.M. building #25.
Voted to give $4 million is a secret deal to the Grand Prix

She has drained San Jose's budget which could have gone to after school programs and community centers. How on earth has this helped working families? Please explain!

Steve Sloan said...

I think the fact that you link does not lead to any real person, makes me think that perhaps you are not a person, but this is political blog spam. I followed your link and it led nowhere!
I have seen the work that Cindy did to get University students a traffic light so they can safely walk to the student services building at 9th Street and San Fernando without having to play dodge car. I have seen the work Cindy did to make health care insurance available to low income children in San Jose, so 100,000 kids now have coverage. I have seen how folks like Mike Honda, Susan Hammer, the democratic party and every person on city council not running for mayor has endorsed Susan Hammer. I have seen how she is endorsed by the south bay labor council and I have seen how she has been there for workers in our area. She was the person who introduced the measure to censure the mayor and I thin she will be a damn fine mayor. I stand by my opinion with my real person blogger identity and all I ask is, who the hell are you? I am Steve Sloan and I will be out precint walking for Cindy and I do not even know who you are!

Bobby said...

Bobby Tinsley. I am looking for a better democrat. I'm not interested in creating a page and found the process of even signing up difficult for an novice computer user. But I know how to searth for info, and in doing so found your site.

You cite many fine examples, to which Cindy should be commended. But she has been tied to the hip with Ron Gonzales, who was also supported in BOTH elections by Mike Honda, Susan Hammer, South Bay Labor and practically every other group that endorsed Cindy. How well did those endorsements turn out? Did it provide an good Mayor? Do you still support Ron Gonzales?

I look to her decisions which the courts have found to be unlawful, and wasteful. In addition, I'm very concerned about the community centers closing, the president of the downtown neighborhood association recently lamented that Cindy didn't speak up for removing Backesto from the list of being demolished, as promised. From his letter:

"Further, although I was assured by Cindy Chavez's office prior to last night's meeting that the parks staff had no objection to moving Backesto Center from the list of those facilities to be demolished to those that would be open to re-use with a community partner (us), parks staff made no mention of this at the meeting last night."

If you looked more closely, you can see that many of her decisions are misguided. You might be inclided to look at other candidates which the South Bay Labor Council. I hear the like Cortese a bit.