Thursday, March 02, 2006

Visit with my cousin Debbie

Debbie and I

Great visit with my cousin
Yesterday evening we had a great visit with my cousin Debbie Suehr. I have not seen her for 15 years. I really enjoyed making a connection with her and my Idaho relatives again. She works for the Bureau Of Reclamation, as she says, "the dam water people." They were having a meeting here so she was in town. She found our number out of the phone book. Jeff and Nicole went to Cirque Solis last night and we got to spend a fun evening with Madison. So we all hung out together! It was such a fun visit. We looked at pictures from our visit 15 years ago, when our kids were small. It was great catching up.

Great wine with dinner
Here is my review of Hook and Ladder Pinot Noir the great wine we shared at dinner [Link.]

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