Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The ides of March

Friends update
It has been a long time since I have been able to update on how a lot of our friends are doing. There have been a lot of changes in our friends lives.

Notable birthdays
Today is Sally and Jonathan's birthdays. Sally, as always, is in Boston but this year Jonathan is is North Carolina, away from his family.

Chauncy Update
As mentioned Jonathan is in North Carolina. He is working for a tech support call center there. Diane is slated to move east in the middle of April after the company shee works for completes their end of quarter reports.

Lalli Update
I spoke with Kimberly Fracchia Lalli. She and her husband Steve had twins born on December fifth. One twin is a son, Ried Steven Garret Lalli, and the other is a daughter, Piper Rose Lalli. They were a bit premature but are doing well. The twins are keeping momma quite busy.

Family update
There are some things happening on the falily front.

Kenneth came over
Ken came to dinner last night. It was great seeing him. He is looking for a new job in the area.

My sister is coming out
That is happening on Sunday. We are planning a get together then.

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