Thursday, March 23, 2006

A quick trip to Winslow

Winslow in Love

I finished Winslow in Love
I really enjoyed this book. My review of it is here [Link]. When I get into a book that really grabs me like this one did, it is like taking a trip for me. I can't put it down. All I can think of is reading the book. It becomes a journey into the written word. Canty is a visual writer and my visual mind and imagination take over and it is like being deep in a movie. All day yesterday I had visions of coming home, putting a log on the fire, pouring a glass of wine and cozying into the book. When I finally got home I did not take the time to start a fire, I poured the wine and sat down and read, and read, and I finished the book.

I love working right next to the big library. Sometimes on my breaks I just walk over to the browsing library and there I find gems like this. What a treat!

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