Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vermont to The Big Apple; June 5, 2008

Times Square Movie in Quicktime

Photo walking New York City; June 5, 2008

This day we left Vermont and flew to JFK on Jet Blue. From JFK to NYC we had the first of several insane cab rides for this leg of our trip. This day was the first day for my NYC photo walking. After we checked into the room we took another cab to B&H photo (just to say I have been there) then we walked back via Penn Station and Times Square. Finally we ended up in Central Park. Dinner this night was one of the best pitas I have ever had. It came from a sidewalk cart.

What is photo walking? In my version of photo walking I photograph what my eyes see and take advantage of the free and easy nature of digital photography to create a photographic journal of our wanderings. What better place for this than New York City?

[Click here to see still "photo walking" photos from day]

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Pegggggy said...

Hey Steve - the Times square part was really cool to photo walk along with.