Friday, June 06, 2008

New York Myths Busted

Kabob Cart

Biggest New York Myths (so far,) Busted!

The fancy restaurants have the best food.
Yesterday we had lunch at a nice restaurant at our hotel. The restaurant had a nice terrace with a pretty view and charged over $20 for a burger. Our modest lunch was almost $60. For dinner, I talked Sue into something else. We walked by this tiny kabob cart that had the most wonderful smells and a line of people who were waiting for their orders. They seemed to know the vendor. He kidded with everybody and even with us. The food was wonderful, tender and very enjoyable. It cost ten bucks and the guy selling it was delightfully friendly. Which brings us to myth two...
New Yorkers are unfriendly
Even our mad mouse cab driver paused to help a person in the car next to us when the person in the other car rolled down her window to ask our cabbie directions to a shopping mall. At another stop, a cabbie in another cab rolled down his window to jokingly ask our driver, "where's the ten bucks you owe me?" Friendly banter then ensued as we were stopped in traffic. I am amazed at how friendly New Yorkers are. By and large they are very friendly.

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