Monday, June 16, 2008

Grand Father's Day Weekend


Father's day weekend was grand

It was great spending this weekend with family and friends. It started Friday evening. Sue and I went to see the movie Sex and the City. That was a great film to see following our trip to New York. We enjoyed the movie as we have seen all the episodes of the series.

Saturday morning son Jeff and I went on a bike ride to Morgan Hill. We did 41 miles. On the way we met up with an ACTC ride and had lunch with them at the Morgan Hill Starbucks. There were many of our bike friends on this ride. We had a great ride. The weather was perfect.

Saturday evening my friends from the model railroad club came over. We had a meeting and talked about trains until almost midnight.

Sunday was Father's Day. I met son Kenneth in the morning and we went to Stacks for breakfast. We had breakfast early but there was still a lot of people there. The wait was not too long and we had a great time talking and enjoying the breakfast. Ken had to go to work, so I went home and put together the bike club newsletter and then went shopping.

Sunday evening son Jeff, his wife Nicole and grandkids Madison and Jacob came over for a barbecue. Again, the weather was perfect. Sue's mom Fran also came over and we had a great family evening. We had a great time just hanging out, visiting and talking. Madison is a princess and Jacob is a fine happy baby. Madison got a spot of dirt on her nose. I read a book to her we bought on our trip east. At dinner I opened one of our best bottles of wine. It does not get much better than that!

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