Thursday, June 12, 2008

NYC is Hot, Hot, Hot

Street performer in New York

Hot and bent out of shape in Manhattan on June 7, 2008

June 7 was the start of a wicked east coast heat wave. By California standards 92 is not that hot, but the high humidity made it seem like it was ten degrees warmer. How hot was it? It was the seats in the cabs were covered with sweat from the previous riders hot.

After I went to Starbucks we started the day by going to a patio near the top of our hotel. Then, after we checked out leaving our bags for later retrieval, we took a short ride on the subway where we met and talked with one of many nice New Yorkers. We got off the subway uptown and went to Grand Central where we met our friend Colleen. Then we walked around more, as it got hotter, and had lunch. Then, another cab ride took us to Canal Street which is like a big flea market. After that we walked around Soho, Little Italy, Bleeker Street and ended up in an air conditioned bar where we downed Coronas as we waited for Sue's brother John. Each Corona was seven bucks, but heck we're on vacation. John met us at the bar and we had more Coronas as a Yankees game played on the TV.

After the bar we went to the South Street Seaport which was cool in more ways than one. We watched this guy turn into a pretzel, and we had a pretzel. Then, we went to the water and looked at the bridges and the boats.

After the seaport we went back to Little Italy which is pretty much surrounded by Chinatown. There was a ton of people there and found a nice restaurant that was my favorite meal we had there. We drank a bottle of Barbaresco with it. Then, it was another Taxi ride to the hotel. We retrieved our bags and then got another Taxi which took us on another mad mouse ride out to Jamaica near JFK as we had a wicked early flight for California the next morning.

About these photos, Using the slideshow feature of Flickr, in my opinion is the best way to view this. No one photo is meant to tell the story. It is all about the show.

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