Sunday, October 23, 2005

What a weekend!

Right up there with a root canal!
On Friday I had a sigmoidoscopy [Link]. Yes, I would wish this on my worst enemy. It starts off by them giving you these two bottles of laxative to drink. In essence they give you the intestinal equivalent of the flu. If "the procedure" were not bad enough, the "medication" is far worse. I was sick for almost all weekend. I slept almost all day Saturday. I was not able to make my own bike ride. Finally today I started to feel better. I had to do something fun.

Today I test drove a Toyota Truck
I have been wanting a four wheel drive truck for some time. I loved the ability to go in the back country when I had my Ford Explorer. It was a great truck and I put around 150,000 miles on that truck. I have not had a pick-up since the F-150 that Candy was killed in. Before that I had a Chevy S-10 which Candy had totaled in an accident near Escalon. I loved having the campers and  made some great camping trips with the boys when they were little. But, after Candy died I needed a family vehicle. After Susie got the new Accord I inherited her old car, the 1999 Integra, which I gotta admit is a gas to drive. But, I want something that I can take camping into the back country. The Toyota Tacoma truck was also great fun to drive and it has surprising room to sit in the back. There is plenty of room for a little grandchild to go camping with grandpa and grandma. I took a picture of it with my camera phone. I would like to get a truck like this and put a camper shell on it. This is the first pickup I have driven in a long time.

Toyota Tacoma

Garage Sale Time
Susie, Diane and Fran had a garage sale this weekend. On the east coast I guess they call these tag sales. They sold a lot of stuff. It was a busy weekend.

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