Monday, October 03, 2005

A festive weekend

On Saturday we went to the Italian Festival at Santana Row. It was actually more like a craft show with a few Italian things thrown in. You could buy all kinds of nick-nacks but despite it being a very hot day there was no place to buy gelato and the wine booth sold wine made in Gilroy and the beer booth sold beer from Colorado and only one booth sold only one kind of pasta. They did have dancing there, if you like dancing on concrete. It was crowded and parking was a nightmare, other than that it was fun. The Vintage Wine Merchants [Link], a Santana Row wine merchant, had a tasting of Barolos, so we did get to taste some great Italian Wines.

Police Horses during fair
Sunday was a more relaxing day. We just relaxed for a good part of the day and then did some errands. I went for a mountain bike ride.

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