Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tablet PC's at SJSU video (I am in it!)

A team from SJSU recently made a presentation at the Educause national conference in Orlando, Florida. Reportedly there was standing room only for their presentation. I am very proud to be associated with this. Tablet PC's rock and have the potential to really change the way computers are used in education. ~Steve

This is really great stuff!
From Malu Roldan: Here are links to the video that SJSU Media Producer Bob Reynolds produced on SJSU's Tablet PC usage. Mary Jo Gorney-Moreno and I just came back from presenting it at the Educause national conference and it was very well received.

The links (you will need real media player:)
Broadband | Medium | Small (dial-up)

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Kevin C. Tofel said...

What a fantastic video! I'm not only a Tablet PC and mobile technology advocate; I put myself through college by working full time in the University library. That segment was particularly valuaable to me....great job!