Friday, October 07, 2005

From Mojave to the Union Meeting

After Mojave, I went to Anaheim
I arrived in Anaheim today (this is being written Thursday night) and am attending the union meeting. Thursday morning I watched trains from, and blogged from, Mojave. It was a rail hotbed, and I saw tons of trains. This view is from my motel room in Mojave:

Train from Motel Six

The train action was really awesome. Later Thursday I slipped across downtown LA during the mid-day traffic lull and got settled in here in Anaheim for the big union meeting. It has been great seeing some of my old friends in the union. I met Perry Kenny and Steve Alari, I haven't seen them in years. This is going to be quite a convention! I even got to the gym in Anaheim, so I guess I am getting settled in.

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