Monday, April 25, 2005

A tale of many Kenneths

Ken Rattenne

There is Ken Compton, Ken Rattenne, Ken Blase, Ken Wong, all of which led to Ken Sloan. The choice of Ken's name was actually made by my sister Lura. Candy wanted to name him Nathan, I liked Kenneth. My reason was I felt there was never a Kenneth I met that I didn't like. Therefore I chose Kenneth. I thought it was a very likable name.

Had Kenneth been born a girl he would of been named Lura, so we let her break the deadlock. She chose Kenneth. She said, "If he were named Nathan people would have called him Nat. That always reminds me of a bug." So, Kenneth it was!

This last weekend I received a nice call from Ken Compton, and got a nice E-mail from Ken Rattenne and spent some good time with Ken Sloan. We went out to breakfast on Sunday. I love going out to breakfast. It was great hearing from the elder Ken's. We have kept in touch through the decades.

It was a good Kenneth weekend!

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