Sunday, April 24, 2005

Firsts, lasts and always

Kenneth holding Pixel
I have been in a funk lately for a variety of reasons and I just needed to relax, be with people I love and get better grounded. So, that is what I did this weekend.

I have been thinking a lot about firsts and lasts.  I guess it was the passing of my sister and the recent anniversary of the car accident that got me thinking this way. It is also the new phases of my life, the birth of my grand-daughter, the entry of my last child into adulthood and all that means. I have been thinking about how our lives are defined by events that we may not note or notice at the time. We have first kisses and last kisses, first times we meet people and the last time we ever see them, we have events we take for granted, like having people around us all the time. Then, suddenly they are gone, either moved away or passed on; and there are holes left in our lives that never get filled quite the same.

Our lives are like a shelf of books, with each book being a phase of our life and at each end of the shelf is a bookend, our first breath and our last breath, and all the stories in between.

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