Friday, April 22, 2005

LBJ is with child

Brian and Lynn Johnson
The other day this was posted to my old blog:

Great shot! What type of lens did you use? Hey, I've started a new blog. It's at -- could you update your link to me with "motormouth" instead of Lynn Benson? Miss you. Brian and I had tacos with the La Victoria orange sauce tonight!

If you follow the link to her blog, you find this:

No sooner had I finished reading the directions than the second stripe blazed through, clear as a Massachusetts day after the snow.

This is very exciting news. Sue and I are very happy for them!

BTW - I cannot fix the link in my old blog as I cannot post there for some reason. That is the reason I have given up on that blog provider! The picture Lynnster is referring to is this one, which was the last posting I was able to make to the old Radio blog.

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