Friday, April 22, 2005

Anniversaries Remembered

Ten Year Anniversary
About April 21st
Yesterday was the anniversary of that horrible day in 1991 when Candy, my first wife, was killed after she lost control of the pickup she was driving and slammed into a telephone pole. The boys were also in the truck. They ended up on the side of the road flagging down vehicles for help while their mom was mortally wounded. Everybody was taken to the hospital, Kenneth and Jeff ended up in intensive care. Jeff had to have surgery.

My family and friends were there for me and us. My sister Lura and brother-in-law Floyd rushed out and were a huge help with the kids after the accident. Lura, of course, was also the person who filled in as both a wonderful friend and a great sister as she was the one who I sought so much advice from as our own parents had already passed away. My wonderful niece Mary came out to help with the kids. My cousins from Idaho came down to help. Anne and Don were there and such a huge help. Marie and Kirk came from Sacramento. Judy Lee came out to help. Janet drove out to San Francisco in the middle of the night when I was sleeping in a chair in the intensive care unit of a Modesto hospital with Jeff and Kenneth, the list goes on and on...

About the photo
This picture was taken in 1985, ten years after Candy and I eloped. This was our church wedding as we had been married by a judge in Concord, CA. In the photo from left to right,  Floyd and Lura, Mary, Candy, Me (quite heavier then), my sister Carol with Alex (top) and Sophie.  Carol and Sophie can also be seen in this picture from my old family blog.

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