Saturday, June 19, 2010

My car and home in Buffalo, NY

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It is 9:15 in Buffalo and I am trying to wake up. This is the Chrysler Sebring they gave me as a rental car. It is a four door black sedan and it will be my rail fan vehicle. I am going to treat it nice, I am not one of those people who trashes rental cars. I believe that when you have someone else's property you take care of it.

I am at the Buffalo Amherst Motel Six and I will be here for three nights. Today is a rest and recovery day. So, after breakfast (a place I picked on Yelp.) I plan to go to Niagara Falls. Yes, I am going there by myself. I want to get a flavor of the country side. It feels much hotter than it is due to the humidity. I am not in California anymore!

Buffalo seems to be the home on Cheerios and Buffalo Wings. Most of the world's Cheerios are made here. This is the toasted oat capitol of the world :-). And, Buffalo may have invented Buffalo Wings, or so it appears. But, from what I hear, Hooter's perfected them.

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Anuj Chaudhary said...

Thats an awesome ride.... Drove it once, it is really worth it. Enjoy your stay and trip and the drive....