Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

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Today is Father's Day and I am in Buffalo, New York chasing trains. Even though my dad died when I was 21; my father still is an important part of my life and the lives of my kids and their kids. My father was a railroad man. That's him in the cab of the locomotive pictured above. When I was small he seemed huge, like he was the locomotive.

I will be thinking of him today, of my sons who are now themselves great fathers, of my wife's sweet father Grit (who is now also gone), of my first wife's father Bill and step-father Dave, of my friends and other family members who are fathers and of friends who are married to fathers or, most especially, those whom have lost their fathers.

If you still have your father, you are lucky. For those who do not, God bless you and the good memories of your father that you have.

Love and Happy Fathers Day:


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