Monday, February 12, 2007

Shadow's Birthday Today

Shadow Sloan

Another Birthday Boy
His father was a Gigolo. So, though both Shadow and Pixel have different mothers, they have the same father and are exactly a week apart in age.

You couldn't find a more mellow and gentle cat than Shadow. He was born with the Feline equivalent of Crone's disease so he is only about eight pounds and is a perpetual kitten. Like Pixel, he is a total lap cat. These cats seem to never to miss an opportunity to crawl into any available lap. I guess it is the way Burmese are. They are indoor only cats.

Shadow has a really loud PURR. He loves to be warm. He seeks warmth, sleeping under the covers with Susie and I, racing for the heater vent when he hears the heater come on and jumping into laundry basket after clothes come out of the dryer. He loves to sit and look out the window during the day, preferably in the sunlight. He is just a great cat! We love him to pieces.

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