Saturday, February 10, 2007

Been through the wringer

Wringer washing machine

How a pandemic may spread
When I was a little boy, about a half century ago, I was babysat by the next door neighbor lady. I remember she had a wringer washing machine. Their clothes would be washed in the tub below. When they were rinsed she would crank them through the wringer. They would come out of the rollers as flat as a pancake. That is how Sue and I feel.

At the dance last Saturday one member of our social group was apparently sick, but did not know it because she was not yet symptomatic. We sat next to each other, danced with each other and hugged at the end of the evening. By the middle of the following week a dozen or so of us were sick, including Sue and I. I guess if we have a bird flu pandemic this is how it will spread.

I have lost ten pounds in the last week, mostly from dehydration I guess. We are both still ill, but getting better.

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