Sunday, February 11, 2007

Much better now!

Kennth with laptop

Kenneth has a laptop
I gave Kenneth a Macintosh PowerBook. It is a sweet little Mac and is very portable. It has wi-fi so he can take it to coffee houses with free wireless to get onto the Internet. This Mac is loaded with software so he can do photo editing and all kinds of fun stuff with it. He seems to really like it.

Last night we finally felt well enough for company. Ken came over and finished his picture scanning. He has scanned about 650 pictures. Now I have to take the photos into Photoshop and convert them for use in the show.

Pixel up close

Cats have been great company
As we have been sick we have been home a lot but not up for doing much. We have watched all of the Netflix movies we have. A lot of this time has been spent with cats on our laps. They are great company! We are feeling much better now.

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