Thursday, August 17, 2006

Susie and I enjoy our bike club

Susie and I

Susie and I having fun at bike club event
We have built up a great group of friends around the activities we have in our bike club, the Almaden Cycle Touring Club. It is like so much more than just a bike club. It is a huge social group and we have so many friends there. Sometimes it seems like high school for us older folks, with all it's social intricacies. We all literally go through peaks and valleys together and depend on each other to get through many dangerous events. A strong team spirit is built as we face hostile conditions and drivers together. The club has built up many traditions, and traditional events, over the years. Together we celebrate victorious rides and also mourn the losses when we lose one of our own. For Sue and I it has been great to be able to get involved in the club. We have a lot of fun and enjoy the club events together, even though Sue is not currently riding.

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