Sunday, August 13, 2006

Grete Johnson bike club newsletter issue

A PDF of the September 2006 ACTC newsletter is posted here. This is the entire issue. This is posted here for editing and final review. This is for correction of any errors before it goes to the printer. Please let me know if you see errors in these pages so that I can correct them before it goes to the printer.

Special Thanks
I wish to give special thanks to all who contributed to this issue, especially to Paul Greene for the wonderful story about our dear friend. I have special thanks to Bob Thompson and Paul Greene, for all the help with the gathering the photos for me, Naomi Bloom for the wonderful editing and consultation and Jerry  Schonewille for going over the early versions of the newsletter when they were on the blog. Many more people have contributed to this issue and you help is really appreciated. If folks would take one look at this and let me know if you find any errors, that would be great!

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