Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's Dad's birthday

My dad, Steve and I

My dad, Lloyd D. Sloan, would be 89 today
I still dream about him regularly. He died in 1977 before Jeff or Kenneth was born, he was 58. Steve Jr. was the only one of my sons he saw. He was quite a guy, a real good story teller, and he loved to laugh. He was one of those guys everybody liked. He was a railroad man and he and I shared a passion for trains. As a boy we would go on train chasing trips together to many places in California and Oregon. He had a keen interest in history and would devour books on the civil war. He was a real man of his time, of an America that seems to have faded now. He worked in a shoe repair shop and did other jobs in Kansas before he came to California to take work in the Shipyards in Richmond during World War Two. Toward the end of the war he hired out with the Southern Pacific as a fireman and then an engineer. So many memories of so long ago. Sometimes it seems like yesterday.

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