Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Susie and Frances go to England

The day in phone pics
Today Sue and her mom left for London. I took them to the airport. Fran did not know about the truck and was very surprised to see me go to into her driveway in the truck.

Sue and Fran at airport

The trip to the airport & the mark of the beast!
When we left Fran's house I looked at the odometer on the truck. It was 66.6. So, they started their trip with the number 666. The truck was great. Easy entry and exit and plenty of room for all and the luggage.

Free ice cream today at SJSU
Ben and Jerry's next to SJSU had a free ice cream give away. It was great, the help desk staff took turns getting free ice cream. We had a lot of fun.

Jeff with new truck

I spent the evening at Jeff and Nicole's
Jeff and Nicole really liked the truck! Jeff and I watched the Sharks game and I had a blast playing with Madison. She is just too cute!

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