Saturday, April 22, 2006

Side Impacts

Honda Fit

Yesterday I almost had a Fit
I have given up on the idea of getting a new pickup. The cost of gas has just made the purchase of a 4x4 too extravagant for my tastes. Instead, I have been looking at buying a new higher mileage car. My Integra is due for it's 60,000 mile service and estimates for this service have been in the $1,500 range. I have been looking at the new Honda Fit's for awhile. The new Fit costs about $14,000. A local dealer offered me $7,000 for the Integra. The math got pretty attractive. The car is nice. It is small but it has a huge amount of interior space. It is 4 door and is cute in a very European way. It has side impact air bags (my Integra does not.) But to get some of the things in the car I want, like cruise control, you have to get the Fit Sport, and that also includes a spoiler and "ground effects" that makes it look like what they call a "tuner" car and what I call a "punk" car. Why do they do that? It would seem that there is a market for an inexpensive (non-hybrid) second car with a few things like cruise control and XM-radio for us older (above 30) folks.

Anyway, I was in the process of buying a base Fit, and at the last minute I decided I wanted to wait more. Mostly I felt like the dealer (Capitol Honda, San Jose) was pushing me wwaaaayyy too much. So, I walked away from the deal. I would really like to get those side impact air bags. That is one big reason we got the 2004 Accord. Why are side impact air bags so important to me? Read on...

Candy leaning on Nova

Candy died 15 years ago yesterday
Fifteen years ago yesterday my first wife was killed driving home late at night on a lonely country road. She lost control of the vehicle she was driving. Her vehicle went into a slide. It slid sideways into a telephone pole. The impact was on the driver's side door. She was killed in a side impact.

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