Sunday, April 23, 2006

Can't see the Fit for the Forester

Subaru Forester, 2006

Today we almost bought a SUV
But, it is a little SUV. After the new Honda Fit turned out to not be one I started looking at other vehicles. I still want off the road capability and good fuel economy. I was ready to walk away from the off the road capability in order to embrace the economy of the Fit. But, that reality turned out to be too spartan for my taste (too bad Honda.) I heard about the Subaru Outback Sport and decided to take a look. We went to Stevens Creek Subaru but were very unimpressed with the dealer, so I went on line and found tons of praise for Santa Cruz Subaru. Susie and I went there. The Outback Sport ended up being an Impreza with fancy trim and a better stereo, but no more ground clearance than an Impreza. "If you want more ground clearance, why not check out the Forester," the salesman said. We did, we liked it, it has 29 mpg, great safety ratings and a fantastic rebate! So, we may get it! Oh yea, it comes in white and they have three white ones with a five speed. Score!

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Abba said...

My folks just bought a Forester (about two months ago), I just bought a Fit yesterday. They love their Forester, and I love my new Fit (but it's certainly hard to describe). It's too big to be a true subcompact, and too small to be considered an SUV. I got the Sport version, which I didn't consider spartan at all. (Then again, I was trading in my 1993 Civic del sol, so I considered back seats an amenity.)