Monday, May 02, 2005

Yesterday Susie rode her bike

Susie on her bike
Yesterday we got out Susie's bike, dusted it off, put air in its tires, oiled the chain and we went for a ride! We rode over to Jeff and Nicole's and visited with them, Madison and Art Brian. It was a nice little ride and great to be riding together again. It was a nice day for a ride. Stay tuned for more on the visit and a Madison update!

I did another podcast today

(9.8 MB, 40.57 min.) This session an interview with SJSU MIS Professor Malu Roldan. Professor Roldan is with the faculty of the Management Information Systems Department at SJSU. She is also the Project Director for SJSU's Mobility project; a Hewlett Packard funded initiative that brings together interdisciplinary project teams to work on technology-enabled projects for community based organizations. She conducts research on engaged pedagogies and on the application of emerging technologies, such as Tablet PC and other mobile devices, in learning environments.

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