Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cat Happenings

Pixel on Mixer
These cats are lunatics!

Pixel, shown above, is a real klutz. Tupper, our Calico, is graceful and can walk through a shelf of photographs without knocking any off. Shadow, Pixel's half brother, is a little less graceful and will rattle a few pictures if he were to walk on the same shelf. If Pixel were to walk across that shelf he would dump a few on the floor. Pixel has broken several things in our house that way.
Shadow is doing much better health wise.
We have gotten a diagnosis of his disease so now we know what type of IBD he has. We are treating it with drugs and diet. He is on the steroid Prednisone and is eating like a horse. He is full of energy, fast and is strong enough to be on the Olympic team. We have given him a new nickname, we call him Barry Bonds.

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