Monday, May 23, 2005

Great Friday before a great weekend

This was a great weekend with many good times. I will be writing more, and showing more photos of the weekend later. First is this picture from Friday. On Friday I went to Sacramento for a union meeting. After the meeting I went to Marie and Kirk Roby's. They made a yummy pasta dinner and we sat for hours and talked. It was a great visit and I really enjoyed their company.

Kirk and Marie

Marie Roby is my oldest, and one of my dearest, friends. I met her when she was named Marie DuBois and pregnant with Jessie, her oldest son. Soon, Jessie will be 30. At the time she was married to Dennis DuBois, Candy (my first wife's) brother. Dennis and Marie had another child, their daughter Heather, and subsequently divorced. Marie met and married Kirk Roby. Kirk is one of the nicest and gentlest men I have ever met. He has been a fantastic husband for Marie and is the love of her life. They used to be 49ers fans. We used to tell Kirk that he looked like Joe Montana.

Marie and Kirk remain good friends with Dennis and Dennis is also still a friend, and family, to me.


wildprairiewoman said...

You have mentioned Kirk Roby. Any chance this man travelled in Canada in his early years as a drummer? Would be quite astounding if this is the same Kirk Roby. He was originally from Sacramento and never knew what happened to him. And yes, if this is same guy - he was a terrific young man back then too.

Anonymous said...


My name is Chuck Walker and I was in the band with Kirk and Todd. contact me please at